Our in-house resources enable us to meet our customers’ needs rapidly and effectively. At MTC we are highly focused on the search and selection of new translators, all of whom must be professionals and native speakers. To this end, we have devised a streamlined process allowing us to recruit fresh workforce through the Internet. We also place a strong focus on and set much store by providing constant feedback and support to our translation teams by giving them access to a whole wealth of language aids and tools with a view to delivering a high quality and highly consistent end product.


Continued Training of our Translators

This is one of the keystones to our success, since our commitment to selecting and training our translators has resulted in a high quality product and customer’s assurance regarding key factors such as consistency and appropriate vocabulary.


Customer Interaction

MTC is fully aware of how important it is to liaison with its customers to acquire their industry terminology, store it, update it and have it available for future translations, thereby lending value to the customer’s input and effort.


Terminology Consistency

One of our strong points is the use of dedicated translation tools ensuring total consistency of the translated texts. This tool, which interrelates to our quality assurance process, proves to be extremely useful when localizing software and/or translating large projects involving the input of several translators.

A Wide Translator Base

A large pool of mother-tongue translators specialising in a whole range of subjects to ensure that appropriate industry terminology is used consistently. 

By relying on advanced CAT (Computer-Aided Translation) tools, MTC can ensure consistency throughout the translated texts.